Here is the part after you purchase. If you get stuck at any point down the road, don't worry! My only job is to help you out get up and running.

First thing first

(Mandatory) Make sure that node and npm are installed on you computer. It's a very simple step. Just go to download the package that's recommended for all users.

(Mandatory) make sure to install expo-cli on your computer globally by running:

npm i -g expo-cli

(Mandatory) Unzip the app folder you received on your email or clone the gitstrap repo you received by following the instruction.

(Optional) We recommend you use VS Code as coding environment and again "you don't have to if you don't like it."

If you have it or you do like to use it, however, I recommend you install the following VS Code extensions for better experience. (these extensions have nothing to do with the app at all, they are just good for coding experience in VS Code IDE)

(Optional) If you are using MS Windows we recommend you download Git Bash for better experience with your command lines.

Run a simple command

Open your terminal or Cmd Prompt or Git Bash terminal

Navigate to the folder where the app is by running cd command


Once your terminal is in the app folder, run the following command:

npm install

Wait for a few seconds to a minute for all packages to be installed. Then run the following command:

npm start


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