The Look And Feel

Get familiar with the app UI, get the feels and looks, and understand how to use and navigate.

Familiarizing Yourself With The UI

Top Stories
Assets List
Chart and Details
Wallets and Transactions
Get Started Button: Takes you to sell/buy screen where you can select an asset/coin, enter the amount and buy or sell that asset if you have sufficient balance
The white panel is scrollable vertically so you can scroll up to see more of the assets you are following, as well as an easy access to the top stories/news of crypto.
Click on View all assets to navigate to all coins/assets list where you can follow/unfollow and learn more about the full exchange prices info.
Click on the asset/coin item to navigate to coin details: chart, market cap, volume, total supply and history of the price changes within 1H = 1 Hour, 1D= 1 Day, 1W = 1 Week, 1M= 1 Month ... etc.
Get the top stories of crypto by scrolling the panel up. Click on the item to read the full article in a very presentable way.
View more news button takes you to a long list of the most recent and top news of cryptocurrency world. You can navigate through, read, and share. See the figure down below.
Follow/Unfollow assets: when you follow an asset, it will be added to you favourites/following list in the home screen so you can easily track its exchange info and prices, and changes.
Click on the asset item to navigate to the full details of the asset including prices history, chart, changes over a period of time, market cap ... etc
It shows current and real-time price of the asset/coin, the changes, the chart of price within 1H, 1D, 1W, 1M, 1Y ...etc
There is also a section that shows your selected asset wallet info where you can see how much tokens you have and how much it worth in USD.
In the top right corner you can click on the star to follow/unfollow the asset.
There is a chart gesture when sliding left or right on the chart area. It shows the prices at every point (x, y) of the chart. So cool! :D
scroll down to see more information about the asset such as market cap, volume in the last 24 hour, and the circulating supply.
The figure shows a list of user wallets for all crypto assets available. It shows the user's balance and the amount market price of his/her tokens in USD.
Click on the item to navigate to the details of the asset to learn more about it, and from there you can buy / sell your tokens using as in the screen below
choose the asset you need to sell or buy.
The UI will automatically convert the number of tokens you entered into USD
Click on buy / sell buttons to sell or buy you tokens from/to your wallet
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