The Look And Feel

Get familiar with the app UI, get the feels and looks, and understand how to use and navigate.

Familiarizing Yourself With The UI

Get Started Button: Takes you to sell/buy screen where you can select an asset/coin, enter the amount and buy or sell that asset if you have sufficient balance

The white panel is scrollable vertically so you can scroll up to see more of the assets you are following, as well as an easy access to the top stories/news of crypto.

Click on View all assets to navigate to all coins/assets list where you can follow/unfollow and learn more about the full exchange prices info.

Click on the asset/coin item to navigate to coin details: chart, market cap, volume, total supply and history of the price changes within 1H = 1 Hour, 1D= 1 Day, 1W = 1 Week, 1M= 1 Month ... etc.

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